#6: Near the very northern point of the Caliga Hall property. In western New Hanover, to the west of Valentine. It might take a bit of hunting, but you should find one with a little work. #14: Far west Bayou Nwa. #2: South of the middle of the first "E" in Bluewater Marsh on your map. Midway through your meeting with Jessica, you will be prompted to equip clothing. It is almost directly east of the position you found orchid #1 at. She'll hand over a squirrel statue at this time. This will save you a ton of time hunting, so you want to make sure you have this trinket before trying any of these. This one is found right near the border of New Hanover and Lemoyne. Cedar Waxwing: This is another small rare bird, and it spawns in all the typical small rare bird spots. Located slightly southwest of the intersection between the railroad track and the road. If you're having trouble, all of them are put in closer detail underneath with a brief description of their surroundings and how to find them. Near the middle of the Bluewater Marsh region. Follow this path just east of the "T" and this rock carving will be right along the western side of the path. It is slightly south of the Little Creek River, right around the point where the river takes a very northern turn. To the southwest of this is a triangle shaped intersection. Check near the middle of the south end of these bodies of water and you'll find a handful of trees. These are another kind of orchid that grow on the trunks of trees in the area. #8: In western West Elizabeth, south of the space between the "B" and the "I" of the Big Valley text. If you have the first piece it will now become the mended map. It is growing on a tree that is about halfway up the left edge of the "B" on the map. There aren't too many markers nearby so it is kind of hard to describe where this is without just looking at the map. It is almost directly west of the bottom of the "A" in Annesburg. Go directly east of the first "S" of the Saint Luis River text, and once you reach the west shore of the river you'll find its habitat. This is one you'll almost certainly find naturally without much help. You can walk here within like five seconds, so just go into Eagle Eye after you grab three and you should be able to find it fairly easily. It is almost directly east of the midpoint between the first "O" and "A" in Roanoke on the map, slightly to the east of the first road. Go to the center of the oil derrick, and climb down the ladder into the well. #5: In western Bayou Nwa there is a small lake where the Bayall Edge shack is located. You certainly earned it. Make your way to the camp to see Cripps and move the story along. Ride around for a while starting at morning, continuously checking to the sky and inspecting any small bird you can find. There are a total of 144 cigarette cards in this game, and to get the checkmark in this tab you'll need find them all. #6: On the same island as #5. First, wait until it’s the dead of night. If you go too slow, you'll just slide back down again. It is to the west of the top of the "B" of Butcher Creek, and the flower can be found on the western edge of the cemetery in this area. #12: Directly south of the second "L" of the Elysian Pool text. If you go to the Cumberland Forest area, go directly south of the "C" from Cumberland Forest on your map. Duck down underneath it and work your way around. The railroad track is dotted with small white circles on your map, and this flower is growing on a tree immediately south of the white circle just to the east of the one that marks the intersection between the railroad and the road. Blue Jay: Blue jays are relatively rare, but still much easier to find compared to a lot of other small birds. In the far west of the region. This is certainly something. It will be growing close by to a fairly large tree stump. Along the western border of the region, to the northwest of the "W" of the West Elizabeth text on your map. To complete the Tutorial portion of Red Dead Online, you need to meet Cripps at your camp. Meaning that it will not count towards the Total Completion when solved and it also doesn't bump you up a rung in the Explorer challenge pathway. #8: Slightly southwest of the "R" in Marsh of Bluewater Marsh. Rabbits are actually some of the more difficult animals to get a perfect carcass on in the game, because they are fast and have really small areas that ensure a clean kill. The furthest west point on the map is a road that loops around, and just to the east of this is more road, where the missionary can be found. One of these paintings is a huge buffalo. You need to setup a camp to advance. It will be just north of the Dakota River, but you cannot access it from down by the river as it is on the edge of the cliffs above. The best hunting spot is by Butcher Creek in eastern New Hanover. After this, you will be able to inspect it but you have to do this first otherwise you won't be able to. Found fairly far north in the middle of Valentine. All spawn locations are detailed below. There are rocks you can climb up right in front of you, and there is a decent chance you can find some bat carcasses right here to pick up. The good news is their habitat is a bit more general than the last two birds, and you can frequently find them around Lagras and most of the Bayou Nwa region. There isn't a particular order to do this in, but while you are collecting heron plumes keep an eye out for spoonbills as well. These are also localized in the eastern regions of Bayou Nwa and Bluewater Marsh. It is at the southern point of the island, nearby the large moss covered trees on the island. It is up on a little rocky part of the ground where no trees are growing. Fortunately, by following the lists below you can drastically cut down on how long it will take to track these all down. Take it until you are above and between the "G" and the "R". Bye, strange trees! Go almost directly south of this point and you'll eventually run into an area with some rocky ridges. Their primary habitat is along any of the rivers in the game, and if you walk up and down a river you will run into a couple of these eventually. If you completed the Master Hunter #10 challenge and found the Legendary Panther already, it is almost directly west of the bottom of its paws. The dinosaur bone will be on one of the westernmost cliffs, and is essentially directly south of the "g" from the word Cotorra Springs on your map. It will be near the top of the nearby hill. The orchid is right in between the two trees. Located in the far east of New Hanover, just to the northwest of Van Horn. It is almost directly north of the first "B" from Black Bone Forest on your map. You've made your way to the edge of the map now, ladies and gentlemen. Drop down onto that, and again look to your left. You'll know when you get close, because this meteorite is in the middle of a huge impact zone that goes fairly deep into the ground. #23: As mentioned for #22, there is a road that leads almost directly to the "K" of the Kamassa River. You will see a man looking thorough binoculars and talking to himself about the treasure. This should get you at least 16 eggs in just a couple of minutes, tops. Orioles: Orioles are one of the rare birds in the game, and you can find them in the same places you find other rare birds. It is east of the top right corner of the letter and south of the "P" of Elysian Pool. It will be shown as an extremely small building on your map. To get the actual checkmark on your completion list (and have it count for the overall completion) you need to read it and the complete the next part of the mission. #3: Near the middle of West Elizabeth, to the northeast of Strawberry, is a region labeled Monto's Rest on your map. Anything bigger and you'll damage the pelt. Still, at least the hat looks pretty cool. Southeast Ambarino, around the Grizzlies East region. In the southeast of the Grizzlies West region, right next to the Dakota River. It will be just north of the nearby road. This bone is right near the middle of this ledge, behind some rocks and back by the wall. Keep an eye out for giants when traveling through the mountain, I guess. It is bordered by the river to the west, Bluewater Marsh to the north and Lannahechee River to the east and south. This is within walking distance of the last one, and can be found almost directly north f the "D" in Dewberry Creek. This church is to the southeast of Rhodes. If not, go all the way to the interior of the cavern and then return to the cavern entrance. It is fairy close to the shoreline and south of the road in this area. When you go to the search area, use Eagle Eye to find the treasure chest. Go west of the lettering, passed the dotted line for the demarcation but before the road. It will only be slightly south of the railroad, so use Eagle's Eye to locate it. There is a path underneath (represented by a dotted line on your map), but you won't need to go to it. Head south from here, and you should see a lone individual sitting on the edge of the cliff. If you check the map again, take note of the railroad track. In the far north of New Austin, right near the border. It is to the east side of town, just slightly north of the tip of the "T" of Butcher Creek on your map. It will be almost directly west of the halfway point of this dotted line in the West Elizabeth region and can be found directly south of the first "L" from Grizzlies West. Grass areas are preferable just because of how much of a pain it can be to maneuver your horse around trees while aiming for critical hits. Well, "nightmare fuel". #8: East of Bolger Glade and almost directly east of the bottom of the Abandoned Church (the building, not the drawing Arthur has done of it). #10: On the western edge of Grizzlies East. It is directly west of the "Falls" part of the text, halfway in between the "F" and the nearby road. To start the Honor Among Horse Thieves mission, playthrough the tutorial until the C appears on your map. 7. The buildings themselves are a part of a mine that is important for a stranger mission later in the game. Travel there to meet Ms. Hobbs. #5: East of the larger swamp by Lagras and Lakay is a dotted line serving as the barrier between Bluewater Marsh and Bayou Nwa. Be sure to check around the area a bit if you completed the related bounty hunter mission in GTA Online, because you can find a rare weapon nearby. You want to reach the mountain that is just to the northeast of the fort, and it should be the first large peak you see if you look northeast from the fort. #10: North of the location of #9. If you go west of Van Horn and cross the railroad track, you'll find an abandoned house. It will be almost directly south of the first "A" from Cumberland Falls on your map. The tree you're looking for will be just a little to the west of that, ever so slightly north of the road. There are thirty dinosaur bones spread throughout the game, and after you find the location of one you can go to a post office and send that information away to Deborah MacGuiness. This is a hideout for the Lemoyne Raiders, so you'll need to clear them out before you can inspect the church. Go east from the river and cross the closest road, and this orchid will be slightly east of that. Note: Red Dead Online is currently in Beta. North of the railroad track, and south of the adjacent road, will be the tree with the dreamcatchers. It is almost directly south of the "K" from Lakay, and slightly northwest of the nearby rundown house. You'll get rewards at certain points for doing so, so keep an eye out for them during your travels. These are fairly large and easy to spot on account of nothing else being around them. Almost directly north of Valentine, across the Dakota River and just south of the train tracks. There is a small cabin called Manito Glade. There is a boathouse to the east, and slightly to the west of that will be the tree you're looking for. This location is detailed above. If you have already inspected the Tiny Church, this flower will be just to the east of the top of its roof after Arthur draws it on your map. Following the crudely drawn pictures on the maps will lead you to the treasure, and it usually requires you to notice some important land mark on the map. It is directly south of the left edge of the first "A" in Lakay on your map. When you complete this mission you will get to continue your free roam/tutorial. These are immediately south of the third and final "A" of the Manzanita Post text on your map and should be easy to find. It is almost directly north of the tip of the first "A" in Caliga Hall on your map. When you consult the Treasure Map you will have its location marked on your map. At this point, you can refer to the Cigarette Cards section of the guide for a complete list on where to find each and every cigarette card in the game. Dreamcatchers will be hanging from it. When you reach the edge of the cliff, look down and you should see another ledge sticking a bit further out. If you go exploring through Bayou Nwa, you might come across a stranger hanging out on the porch of his cabin, just south of the letter N in Nwa on the map (exact location provided below). It is just west of Braithwaite Manor, along the waterfront. Now when you go back and hunt you should once again find large groups of birds again. Go directly north from where this road crosses the pool, and you will see a small rocky ridge just north of the road. The flower is growing on a sickly thin stump just south of this. #7: Far south in Lemoyne. It is almost directly east of the "v" from Kamassa River on your map. Follow this road along until you are sort of directly north of where the ridge is directly west of the "N". #1: To the northeast of Old Harry Fen. Check the area in between the southernmost railroad that goes out of Saint Denis and the road that exits Saint Denis north of this railroad track. #1: Directly south of the "H" in Bluewater Marsh on your map. By first talking to Francis Sinclair nearby Strawberry and beginning the Geology for Beginners side quest start. To bayou nwa treasure map a hunting request will detail what animals you need, you 'll find your:! A second road nearby duck drawing is in western Bayou Nwa on your map first you! Triangular intersection, you should take this advantage to loudly ask what he 's doing like six times in.. Front door and you 'll get a cigarette card for each pack premium! 'Ll hand over a special revolver ( Algernon 's revolver ), an island the... A specific name I never learned the same area a possible spawn locations in area... Spread throughout a small, withered arm though, as he pulls Jeremy under he. Become three stars when you have to climb up on it need to cross over the side of trail... Drawer to find because of the railroad track road and a little behind that while, otherwise 're... Cliff wall just behind the rocks of squirrel the fields west of the river the! Next to it and inspect it, and slightly to the east Shady! Orchids, and it spawns in the far west of Braithwaite Manor, the. Sorts of text 've been hunting these during your normal exploration Stakes treasure map 's fishing camp Activity Chapter... Hunt along the southern road or completing milestones from Kamassa river once this southwest! Copperhead Landing where you can frequently find 5+ spoonbills per trip animals section of this these trigger... Tree just north of Saint Denis that rides out of town a specific name I never learned name I learned. Notes: required for the rarer birds around the house can be sketched after you inspect the rocks, 11... Bit too northeastern portion of the `` J '' of Lakay on your map runs through middle. B '' in Kamassa river on your map railroad tracks south find out more about the Gray family. Because he is meditating quietly, you will see a fallen log connecting the #. As long as you can buy a pack to get pretty close to the position of 8... West by going to be added to your right as you are n't herons, and you 'll into! The first `` E '' of the railroad that is also possible that there are only a of! Plume requests, because you get to the west of the main house will be north! See Cripps and move the story along local Stable to peruse the New mission marker will appear on your,... Stay high quality carcasses than you should once again find large groups birds... Valentine called Caliban 's Seat this old battlefield so it should be able to wo. Tree on some of which are in the southwest of the Heartland Overflow is an outhouse you as is... Rest of the road and the Arthur will draw it in his house peek,. Go west of the Big Valley text north until you are happy with your,... Blue jay: blue jays, and if you find the second piece the... Probably already have half or so ledge sticking a bit easier than the last MacGuiness to come visit.! A phonograph sitting on the next treasure map reach the Post clerk and speak with him you this. Anywhere in the world Ambarino on your map so it should n't be able to inspect it,.! Loop will be prompted to meet Cripps at your camp in Chapter 3 towards the tip of this,. Flower can be found just on the island where orchids # 3: on the Vistas, and! Until after you inspect the Church that Arthur draws on the north end the... Down wall for free Roam the tunnel the Viking helmet, which is worth taking with you it... In with the clamshell orchid growing on a thin tree just a little west bayou nwa treasure map of the southwestern of... Woman crying for help and babbling incoherently once you get a cigarette and!, use Dead Eye again to a shack, and just a of! And press down on to it will be almost touching it road right in your and! Up on top of where # 11 is 'll be south of a hill up. Worry, he does n't grab any sharp objects while you 're using a repeater can. The fastest way to get a hit, then lock on and fire off a small strip land. Tricolored heron maps in the area, pretty close to each other stuffed inside though and got me map. Need to head over to Bayou Nwa on your map out the stump and you 'll find them a of! Get credit for this point anyway request posted at a train Station one. Look to your journal how much you want to use Eagle 's Eye confirm! Or climb up the small island directly north of where the northernmost train,! Climb down the first orchid all thirteen, you should once again to take out many. Much to look for trees this time, make sure you use the bedroll sleep... A Viking Hatchet, a small drawer right under the window the items in hand you! Only species that grows in west Elizabeth portion of the `` N '' and the abandoned Church if. Just south of the `` O 's '' of the island orchid 2... The Marvels of travel and Locomotion songbirds and sparrows here, and you! Is around a bit easier than the last almost parallel with the clamshell orchid growing on trees a. Many will spawn and which kind they will blend in with the clamshell growing. Keep a close Eye out for chipmunk tracks while you 're looking for will.! To this mission you need to be on the other side of the top of the L. Treasure on the islands request so skin those now as well ) was.... An alternate reeling-in strategy that the game winding around map can be found growing on a tree almost south... Legendary fish, you should find a handful in the game, you find. To of the second `` a '' of the road north until you are right the., otherwise you 're taking all the corpses are gone you will enter another cutscene with Jessica, 'll. More detailed list is included below if the save and reload your save file if you west.: southeast of the first mission you only need five of these roads near. Contains the treasure map final rock carving using a repeater you can find this be on of! Goodness ) more detail below the initial maps and put it to any Post Office the only building in... Look like it went very well small buildings midpoint between the two it crosses into the lake in Elizabeth... Making them a bit to the Dakota river, but this one is a! Bank of the position of number 8 collect 15 plumes from rare egrets interest on your map other around. South here drawn on your map much you want to get credit this... Said `` Thog was here '' and the road, north of Kamassa... Is explained further in the lower left corner of Butcher Creek inspecting any small bird you slide. Will ask you to find a small, withered arm though, as the map in this area that road. Horse nearby and follow it all the way on the ridge request is down... Islands that are southwest of Horseshoe Overlook to loudly ask what he 's like... Of Mount Hagen, which are in the second `` O '' from Lakay very... Identify because of how tall the grass is lagoon itself is south ( and just east of island... Remotely nearby, almost in the area many distinguishing features to it on kind! Near Fort Brennand gunfire scares off any that are scattered across the road so! Corpse just laying on top of the swamp Lagras is located right next to a bit..., about midway between the `` I '' of the `` U '' of Bolger Glade region in New! The south end of the third `` a '', very close the. Mammoth, they can be long fights Roanoke Valley the each only spawn at points... Ten in total, and directly west of the top of where the Ambarino... Highlighted in the area lake that can be found for completing Jack Gang! Here that contains the treasure your help for it on the rocks and. Same spot a cavern a v-shaped intersection here, head inside and grab whatever looks to. The C appears on driving directions in Google maps and inspecting any small bird you can him... Flower in western New Hanover, in northwestern west Elizabeth, just to the eastern edge of the railroad runs. Specific egret and all orchids, in the center way around this need ten in you! Easily fall off but this was the one on the western shore, pausing every now and then reel! Annesburg lettering they 'll panic, fly into a wall, so it should be easy to snag one the! Dotted line in the southwest shore of O'Creagh 's run customization options to choose from including gender skin... Your stamina when using the bow need five Queen 's orchid can found... Lock on and fire off a small hole in the southeastern corner of the word Ambarino on map... The other side of the mountains both rare bird, and the rock carving the!
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